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Bulliten Board Messages for Broadcast on Channels 8 & 10

Falls Area Community TV is now accepting submissions for our Bulletin Board Message System that is broadcast on our local Cable TV System. You can use this section to create and submit your own Bulletin Board Messages.

Bulletin Board Messages (also known as Public Service Announcements or PSAs) are shown in the time between the regular programming on our TV Channels and are used to convey non-commercial announcements regarding events and services in our area. Commercial announcements are not permitted through this section. Please contact our main office for information about Sponsoring Falls Area Community TV by calling (802) 463-1613.

Submission Deadline:
It takes a few days for messages to be reviewed and added to our broadcast equipment. Messages submitted now should be processed and on-air by 01/22/2018.

Submission Form Access:
Permissions are based on your current website Log-in status: Website Members can submit 10 messages in any 7 day period. Non-Members are not allowed to submit Bulletin Board Messages through our website. They will have to log in.

Message Length:
Messages will appear on TV for a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 30 seconds and timing is at our discretion. You should be able to slowly read your entire message in less than 30 seconds. Should you attempt to get longer air-time by submiting consecutive messages on the same subject we may reject the additional submissions unless your messages are distinctively different: It would be OK to submit a set of Messages for a weekend fundraiser where each Message lists different events on each day. We cannot guarantee that these messages will display consecutively and/or in order.

Message Submission Limits:
There is a limit of how many messages you can submit. You will be blocked from accessing this form if you have reached your limit. We cannot guarantee that your messages will display consecutively and/or in any particular order.

Submit a Bulliten Board Message
You do not have permission to submit a Bulliten Board Message