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Submit A Program From Outside of Our Area
Falls Area Community TV accepts submissions from other stations and producers from outside of your viewing area who want us to add their program to our cablecast lineup.

Falls Area Community TV will not cablecast:
  1. advertising material designed to promote the sale of commercial products or services
  2. advertising by and on behalf of candidates for public office.
  3. material to solicit funds of any nature.
  4. a lottery or any advertisement of or for any information concerning a lottery.
  5. any obscene or indecent material.

In addition Falls Area Community TV will not cablecast Copyrighted material without expressed, written permission from the Copyright holder. A notorized seperate Release of Copyright must be included with this form and sent via regular mail.

Please be sure to fully read and understand the Policies and Procedures of Falls Area Community TV before continuing.

You will need access to a printer to complete this form

Select how you would like get your program to us:
VMX Hosted Download:
Click here to send us the VMX Link.
The Vermont Media Exchange (VMX) serves Public Access Stations throughout Vermont. You must know the name of the Station and the correct VMX file name given when it was uploaded to use this option.
PEG Media Hosted Download:
Click here to send us the PEG Media Link.
PEG Media hosts Public Access programming from around the USA. You will need to provide us with the URL to your PEG media download page. We only accept Downloads that are Free and have no cost to us unless other arrangemets are made.
Other Server Hosted Download:
Click here to send us a Download Link.
If you have a download on another server, you will need to give us the URL to a Standard Definition, Broadcast Quality MPGII video file. We do not convert video files.
Send DVDs of your Program to Falls Area Community TV.
Please note that we do not archive your DVD and we cannot return it to you without a self-addressed, postage-paid return envelope included in your mailing.