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PSA Standards

Free Public Service Announcements
Any PSA received by Fact will be displayed on our televised bulletin board. The PSA will be typed in a basic font with a basic background. Only the most important information of the PSA will be used. Only edited and spellchecked PSA’s will be accepted. Any Non-essential information will be discarded. Additional graphical artwork must be supplied by the client in a format that is suitable for broadcast.

How to Submit a PSA?
We will accept a PSA submitted through our website, email, mailed or dropped off at our station.


Falls Area Community Television
1 Hospital Court
Bellows Falls, VT 05101


Submission Requirements.

Word Count
Each PSA submitted must be 52 words or less with only the most essential information included such as who, what, where and when.

Each PSA must be spellchecked and grammatically correct. Any PSA submitted will be broadcasted as received by the client.

Any flyer submissions must be reformatted to our broadcast standards and delivered to us in as a JPEG file. Any Flyer presented in a printed form or unformatted to our standards will be retyped with a basic a background and basic text. If a client would like use to reformat their flyer to our broadcast standard a fee will be accessed for our additional labor.

Broadcast Standard
Each flyer must be submitted as a JPEG File. The Flyers Width & Height must be 720 X 480 Pixels. A maximum of 72 pixels per inch will be accepted.

Video PSA Submission
Any PSA submitted by video must be 30 to 60 seconds long. The PSA must be Delivered by mail or dropped of at our studio in a DVD format.

LOGO Submissions
Each Logo or additional graphic must submitted as a Digital PNG file with a 32 bit alpha channel.

Graphic Design Work
If the client request our services to design a PSA a fee will be accessed see PSA fee structure.

PSA Video Production Services.
A client may request our services to produce edit and film their Video PSA. The organization must be a Non-Profit organization to be eligible for production services.

Fee Structure

Graphic Design Work……… $50.00