Celebrating Community and Tradition: A Special Thanksgiving Thank You from FACT TV

As the leaves turn and the air fills with the crisp scent of autumn, we at Falls Area Community Television (FACT TV) find ourselves reflecting on the incredible journey we’ve shared with our community. Your unwavering support, engagement, and enthusiasm have been the cornerstones of our success, and for that, we are deeply grateful.

This Thanksgiving, as we gather with friends and family to express our gratitude, we also want to celebrate the diverse ways our community comes together during this season. We’re excited to highlight a series of videos that embody the spirit of Thanksgiving, each bringing a unique perspective to this time of honoring tradition, togetherness, and thankfulness.

Ryan Bourke: Thanksgiving Day Parade

Join Ryan Bourke as he delves into the vibrant colors and spectacular energy of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. But that’s not all – Ryan also explores various engaging topics that resonate with the spirit of Thanksgiving, offering a blend of entertainment and insightful commentary.

Grandma Kitty’s House: Thanksgiving Traditions

In this heartwarming segment, Grandma Kitty invites us into her world of Thanksgiving traditions. Listen to tales of how families across our community celebrate in their unique ways, reminding us of the rich tapestry of customs that make this holiday so special.

The FEED: Our Place Empty Bowl Dinner

Marty and Mike bring you the latest from Bellows Falls and the surrounding area, focusing this week on the ‘Our Place Empty Bowl Dinner’. This episode is a testament to the spirit of giving and community support that defines Thanksgiving.

Welcome Keene: Celebrating Diwali Away From Home

Experience a cross-cultural celebration as Aggie Cersosimo interviews Ritu Budakoti and Divya Janakiram about Diwali. Learn how these guests from India celebrate this festival of lights away from home, drawing parallels with the universal themes of Thanksgiving.