Find Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

As indicated by the Mission Statement above, the purpose of PEG (public, educational and government) access television is to provide equipment, training and airtime so that members of the community we serve are empowered to produce local television. The channel is available to any cable television subscriber residing in our area of coverage. Anyone may become a member of the station and contribute programming, whether they are a cable subscriber or not.

With the exception of municipal and school boards from which FACT receives funding to cover their meetings as a service to the community, all programming on Falls Area Community Television is produced by volunteers. FACT as an organization does not produce programs for cablecasting; we are here to provide people the means of creating community media, not to dictate the content ourselves.

To get involved, start by becoming a member through our website. FACT TV offers multiple avenues for producing programs. If you’re not interested in production but still want to contribute, contact us to learn about our training programs and other opportunities where your help is needed. For more information, see the “Making Television” section on our site.

Your program will air a minimum of two times per week. In order to keep all programming balanced, we will adjust the number of weekly airings in accordance with how often the show is produced (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc).

As PEG access television is non-commercial, there must be no commercial content in any program you submit (no blatant advertising, no promotion of services with prices, etc.) Also, the content cannot be slanderous against another person, nor can it break any state or federal laws. For content that might be inappropriate for young audiences, FACT reserves the right to air the program at a later time, out of consideration for the viewers.

Unless a program is inappropriate for PEG access broadcast in some way (see the above question), FACT will not censor its volunteer producers. If you disagree with the viewpoint of a FACT producer, why not create your own program to express your own views?

Unless you are routinely producing and submitting a program on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, it will take up to two weeks before your program is scheduled for cablecasting. This is to give us time to review the program, and to place it in the weekly schedule, which is put together one week in advance.

As a general rule, equipment is due back the next day. If signed out on a Friday, it would be due back on Monday due to the station being closed over the weekend. If you need to keep camera equipment for a longer period of time, you will need to make arrangements with FACT in advance. Note that we cannot guarantee the availability of video equipment for extended periods of time; please keep in mind that other producers are routinely using the equipment as well.

For events or announcements to be posted on the Community Bulletin Board, please provide only the essential information (no more than half a page) … do not submit full press releases, like you might send to a newspaper, as we cannot post so many words to the screen and have them readable in a short span of time. If you have a graphic image you’d like to use, please make sure that it is 1920w by 1080h pixels in size, and saved in JPEG format. For more information, see the Submit a PSA section.

Falls Area Community Television allows for local businesses to have a sponsorship page on our Community Bulletin Board, similar to the sponsorships you see on public television. A sponsorship page cost $50 per month can contain an image of the business, contact information and a slogan. Prices, sale promotions, “coupons” or other ad content are not permitted … this is non-commercial television, and advertisements are not allowed. For more information, feel free to contact us.