Death of Me

Lights, camera, action! The Falls Area Community Television Film Workshop beckons you! If you have a passion for filmmaking and are excited to dive deep into the process, we invite you to take part in our FACT TV workshop.

This year, we’re bringing a captivating story to life, a short film titled ‘The Death of Me.’ It’s an incredible opportunity to experience first-hand the numerous roles that bring a film to life. From script to screen, we cover it all. When the film is finished it will be premiered at the Bellows Falls Opera House for friends and family to enjoy!

We’re rolling from Monday to Thursday, July 10 – 13, and again from Monday to Wednesday, July 17 – 19. We’ll be on set at the Bellows Falls Opera House from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Flexible scheduling is our mantra – you don’t need to attend every day. Select the days that fit into your calendar and become a part of our vibrant crew.

Training June 17th & July 1st

Join us on Saturdays, June 17 and July 1st, for an immersive day of production classes. Classes will be from 12:00 – 4:00 pm at Unravel the mysteries behind the camera, demystify the art of lighting, and unlock the secrets of creating the perfect sound.

Training Location
1 Hospital Court
Bellows Falls, VT 05101
Main Contact: Alex
(802) 463-1613

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About the Project

In this dark comedy set in the surreal ‘Infinity Room’, a tenacious teenager humorously battles her cynical inner self, school bullies, and personal despair, on a quest for self-acceptance.

Step into the enigmatic ‘Infinity Room’ where MC, a hopeful yet troubled teen, grapples with her complex inner self, IS. In this poignant exploration of adolescence, MC and IS engage in a compelling dialogue, negotiating the labyrinth of personal and external challenges. While MC yearns for a brighter school year, her inner self, a reflection of past wounds and hardened realism, persistently challenges her optimism.

This gripping narrative takes viewers on a journey through a hostile school environment, dismissive authority figures, bullying peers, and the looming storm of parental disapproval at home. It skillfully delves into themes of identity, self-perception, and resilience, offering an unfiltered view of the modern youth experience.

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