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While we’re currently finalizing the dates for our next workshop, this is a golden opportunity to explore the diverse roles available. Whether your interest lies in front of the camera as an Actor, behind the scenes in Camera, Audio, Lighting, or in the crucial areas of Producing, Production Assistance, Editing, and Postproduction, we offer a role that suits your passion. For the creatively inclined, explore the realms of Make-up and Effects or Set Design.


In the meantime, we invite you to delve into our past projects to witness the remarkable creations of previous participants. These experiences showcase the range of skills and creativity fostered in our workshops. To stay informed about the upcoming workshop dates and details, we encourage you to become a member. This way, you’ll receive timely updates and be among the first to know when registrations open. Additionally, bookmark this page to keep a tab on the latest news. Your journey into the exciting world of filmmaking is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to share it with you!


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DEATH OF ME – Post Production

About the Project

In this dark comedy set in the surreal ‘Infinity Room’, a tenacious teenager humorously battles her cynical inner self, school bullies, and personal despair, on a quest for self-acceptance.

Step into the enigmatic ‘Infinity Room’ where MC, a hopeful yet troubled teen, grapples with her complex inner self, IS. In this poignant exploration of adolescence, MC and IS engage in a compelling dialogue, negotiating the labyrinth of personal and external challenges. While MC yearns for a brighter school year, her inner self, a reflection of past wounds and hardened realism, persistently challenges her optimism.

This gripping narrative takes viewers on a journey through a hostile school environment, dismissive authority figures, bullying peers, and the looming storm of parental disapproval at home. It skillfully delves into themes of identity, self-perception, and resilience, offering an unfiltered view of the modern youth experience.

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No Exit

John is trapped in a decaying apt complex, plagued by fear. His memory is plagued by holes & terrifying memories. Friends distant & mistrusting. Alcohol fuels his descent into madness & growing guilt. A monstrous secret lurks in his mind, threatening to consume him. He must confront the evil he unleashed with no hope of escape. Will he overcome the darkness or be consumed forever?

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Honey I’m Sorry I Let the Demons Take Our Kid!

TV station manager Andre, who has to watch his son, Brian, and take care of his responsibilities at work because of the pandemic, comes up with a scheme to have his employee, Collin, babysit his son. However, things go wrong when evil video spirits suddenly take Brian.

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