Regular Brookline Selectboard Meeting JULY 17 2024

1 Call the meeting to order
A. Introductions
2. Review / Approve Draft Minutes
A. Special limited agenda meeting on Wednesday July 10, 2024
3. Changes to the agenda if any
4. Members of the Public
A. Scheduled members of the Public – 5 minutes unless otherwise noted
5 minutes requested by Carolyn Mayo-Brown
Request to place 2” round white trail markers and small trail signs/arrows
along Bennett Rd, from the intersection of Holland Hill Road to the
Conte Wildlife Area. Signs will be painted and installed by volunteers.
Samples emailed to SB.
B. Unscheduled members of the Public – 2 minutes on agenda items only
5. Unfinished Business
ACTION = Motion – Seconded – Discussion – Vote or Table the motion
A. Action – Policy Review
-1- Brookline Town Office Use Policy dated Sept 6, 2006
B. Action – Amend Planning Committee Membership
Current appointments – Stan Noga, Mike DeSocio
Leah Daly, Don Woodford, Charles Ezekual, Barbra Bourne,
Somara Zwick. Changes in appointments need to be voted on
and recorded in minutes.
E. FacTV Services review
F Recycling game cameras
G. Highway Supervisor Cell Phone / Signal Booster discussion / Radios
H. VLCT’s Federal Funding Assistance Program information
6. New Business
7. Reports / Updates- 5 to 10 minutes each
A. Highway Supervisor – E. Mark Bills
-1- Estimated cost to upgrade Ellen Ware Road
-2- Summary of work/costs done near 6 Parker Road -GIA grant project
-3- Project plans for GIA
-4- Arbor Climb Tree work start date
B. Grants – S. Noga
-1- FEMA-Obligated and funds received
-2- GIA 2024 and GIA 2025 review
-3- Hazard Mitigation plan w/ WRC – update
-4- TBD
C. Contracts – Finance review – M. DeSocio / D. Wellman
-1- Action – ArborClimb contract
-2- Action -Engineering contract
-3- Action – Two Wired Guys Contract
-4- Action – Steeple painting & Repair contract
-5- Review of end of the year finances summary
D. Building Commissioner – B. Mello
-1- SLP parking lot etc for Town Party
-2- SLP renewal of lease
-3- BMH painting project
-4- BMH Mold Mediation
E. Selectboard Chair Report – D. Maggio
-1- Open Meeting law
Selectboard meetings and Cemetery Commission Meetings must
be recorded in addition to having a warned agenda and written
minutes while advisory committees may meet remotely and do
not have to be recorded however agendas must be warned/posted
and minutes made available in a week’s time.
-2- Health Officer – Concerned neighbor
-3- Town Picnic – Volunteers
F Any other discussion as requested by a selectboard member
not requiring a vote.
8. Warrants
A. Payroll Warrant – Concur w/ D. Maggio Signing
B. Accounts Payable Warrant
8:40 9. Communication
A. Email
B. Regular mail
10. Set Agenda for next meeting on August 7, 2024
11. Adjourn the meeting

School Board – Windham Northeast Supervisory Union: July 17th, 2024

1. Call to order:
2. Introductions:
3. Adjustments to Agenda:
4. Communications and Public Comments:
5. Review and approve minutes from May 15, 2024 (Action needed)
6. Reports (informational, no action)
a. Director of Finance
b. Finance Committee
c. Superintendent – Quarterly Report
7. Old Business for Discussion/Action:
a. Superintendent’s Evaluation
8. New Business for Discussion/Action: (executive session)
a. Appointment/Resignations
1. Appointment Speech Language Pathologist – Lamb
2. Appointment 5th Grade Special Educator – Schneider
b. Summer Transportation Request (action needed)
c. VSBA Representation
d. School Board Chair’s Committee
e. Commission on Future of Education in Vermont
8. Director’s Comments:
9. Date and time of next meeting:
10. Adjournment


1. Presentation (HCRS and Police Social worker)2. Review Water Tank Project and proposed additional tank expenditures
3. Review and Update Banner Policy a) Banner request BFDDA (Farmers Market)b) Banner request BF Pride c) Banner request BF Firefighter’s Association (Fire Prevention Week) d) Banner request BFDDA (July 4th celebration 2025)
4. Ordinance Review (Chapter VI Offenses Against Persons and Property)
5. ARPA Update
Review Agenda Items for Next Meeting – August 20, 2024
Review Agenda Items Joint Board Meeting – September 24, 2024
Review & Approve Orders, Bills & Warrants
Other Business
Executive Session – (requested)

Special SelectBoard Meeting - Town of Brookline VT, Jul 10, 2024

6:30 1. Call the meeting to order
A. Introduction
6:31 2. Review / Approve Draft minutes
A. Regular meeting on July 2, 2024 minutes
6:35 3. Changes to the agenda if any
6:40 4. Members of the Public
A. Scheduled members – none at this time
B. Unscheduled members – 2 minutes on Agenda items only
6:45 5. Unfinished business
ACTION = Motion / Seconded / Discussion / Vote or table motion
A. ACTION – Establish Tax Rate for 2024-2025 as presented by
Treasurer To be emailed when available to SB members before meeting.
B. ACTION – Tabled from July 2, 2024 meeting
Select Engineering Company to design scope of work for culvert
on Ellen Ware Road and the Culvert #11 on Hill Road
C. ACTION – Animal Control Contract with the Windham County
Sheriff Department – emailed to SB members
D. Discussion to prepare for BMH meeting in August re: roles/responsibilities
of SB and Advisory committee members and current status of projects
(painting/rot repair/sealing) including when to expect mold/mildew
analysis report from Peter Yost.
7:15 6. New Business
7:20 7. Reports / Updates
A. Any discussion as requested by a selectbord member not requiring a vote
7:25 8. Communication
A. Regular Mail
B Email
7:30 9. Set Agenda for next meeting on July 17, 2024
A. FEMA Update – meeting held July 8th
B. Office Use Policy – related to Newfane Town Hall incident
C. FacTV services review
D. Temporary Flood Plain Manager discussion
E. Planning Commission members
F. Hazard Mitigation Draft w/ WRC
G. Recycling area game cameras
H. The initial cost estimate discussion to put Ellen Ware Road into
full time use.
I. Highway Supervisor Cell phone / signal booster discussion
J. Increasing Municipal Capacity for Grants using VLCT’s
Federal Funding Assistance Program.
K. Member of the public : Carolyn Mayo-Brown of Putney
RE: Trail Marker request near Bennett Rd. near Holland Hill to the
Conte Wildlife Area.
7:40 10. Adjourn the meeting


1. Call to order
2. Adjustments to agenda (new items ratified at a later meeting)
3. Public comment
4. Treasurer’s quarterly report
5. Set tax rate
6. Tax sale of local property
7. Welcome signs for Saxtons River
8. Sale of Rescue truck chassis
9. Triton Report10. ARPA update
11. Open meeting notice
12. Saxtons River group updates• Rec Area• MERP (Municipal Energy Resilience Program)• Fire station• Waste Water Treatment Plant• 37 Main1
3. Approve minutes of June 3, 2024
14. Approve warrant of July 1, 2024
15. Other business
16. Next meeting dates and items: August 5, propose September date1
7. Adjourn

Grafton Select Board Regular Meeting: July 1, 2024

1. Call to order
2. Adopt Agenda
3. Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting – June 17, 2024
4. Dog Incident in Village
5. Townshend Road Traffic Study
6. Highway Report
• Other
7. Clerk/Treasurer
• Waive Homestead Late Penalty Fee
• Set Tax Rate
• Other
8. Committee reports
• Cemetery committee: Fence Repair at Village Cemetery
• Personnel committee:
• Wastewater committee:
• July 2023 Flood Update:
9. James Plumbing & Heating FY 2024-2025 Contract
10. Fire Escape Engineering Proposal
11. Worker’s Compensation
12. Other Business
13. Public Comment
14. Next Regular Meeting – Monday, July 15, 2024, at 6:00 PM
15. Adjourn