Film Making 101: Basic Camera Kit

This a quick quiz to make sure you're ready to take one of our basic camera bags out into the field!

Have you watched the video? If not watch the video linked above.
Now that you have watched the video, what is in a basic camera bag?(Required)
What is the purpose of the headset? Check all that apply.(Required)
Which of these memory devices do we use in our cameras?(Required)
Without an SD card, the camera will save what it's filming.(Required)
In what instances would you use the charging cable over the batteries? Check all that apply.(Required)
How do you connect the microphone to the camera.(Required)
You need to make sure the microphone is turned on before filming.(Required)
What should you check your audio settings for?(Required)
How do you insure the tripod is level?
How can you use the tripod to frame a shot? Check all that apply.
Your final camera set up should include: