Eager To Know : 131 Anne & Jeff

Anne and Jeff converted a former Catholic church in Saxtons River Vermont, into their home, office, and creative workspace. Join us as we tour the space and discuss this fascinating project.

Police use force while arresting an intoxicated woman-May 15th, 2024

"WARNING MATURE CONTENT" Police use force while arresting an intoxicated woman-May 15th, 2024

Grandma Kitty’s House: A Little Respect, Please

Grandma Kitty addresses the who, what, where, when and why of showing respect, and talks about using manners through both our words and our actions.

Heartline Ministries: God’s Love Changes You

Pastors Harold Noyes and Timothy Golden delve into the concept of transformation, introducing a new series on the makeover God wants to enact in our lives. They explore the Book of Ephesians, its relevance, and the context of its creation. The discussion highlights the importance of grace and peace, and the role of believers in God's work. The process of acceptance in God through His grace, leading to redemption and forgiveness of sins, is also discussed.

The Long Road: Affordable Housing Challenges and Tax Issues in Keene

The discussion delves into the complexities of affordable housing in Keene, including the impact of budget evaluation errors on utility companies' tax payments. It underscores the struggles of the elderly in finding affordable housing due to rising rents. The conversation also highlights the consequences of landlords forgoing tax credits, leading to increased homelessness and burden on local government. It concludes with the ethical dilemma of prioritizing profit over moral responsibility.