Breaking Down Buhurt: Mutton and Mead: Road to Revelry Ren Faire

Sean discusses the Mutton and Mead festival, showing off videos of the fights that took place that day. Thank you to Cobbco Arena Games in Charlestown NH for the $1,000 prize pool of products. Thank you to Deb Roberts and Jenna Luce for the donation of posters for advertisement

Living Hope Fellowship: F.A.T.H.E.R

Special message brought by Allen Cushman

Athens Community Christian Church: Integrity

This content delves into the concept of walking with God, emphasizing the importance of a pure heart and living with integrity. It highlights the significance of learning from God's guidance and being receptive to His plans. The discussion includes examples of integrity such as keeping promises, paying bills, refusing gossip, and faithful tithing. It also underscores the need to prioritize God in financial matters, work with integrity, avoid hypocrisy, and seek guidance from the Bible.

Big Rock Live!: Sophie Markey

Witness the BIGGEST movement in rock & roll history! All the excitement and adrenaline of a rock concert, beamed directly into your naked steaming eyes and ears. BIGROCK is a new music video platform dedicated to delivering the best content the rock and roll scene has to offer. Starting off Big Rock Live, the platforms new tv show hosted by founder and CEO Aiden Robie, is talented guest Sophie Markey!

Grandma Kitty’s House: The Family Tree

Grandma Kitty discusses the family tree and shares thoughts on why knowing your family history is important.