Martin Luther King Day Speaker at Cohen Hall

In an inspiring event at Cohen Hall for Martin Luther King Day, Father Greg Boyle from Homeboy Industries shared his transformative journey in aiding gang members to find a new path in life. Boyle’s heartfelt stories and the testimonies of those he’s helped underscored a powerful message of hope, redemption, and the impact of treating individuals with compassion and understanding. His work not only commemorates the values of Martin Luther King Jr. but also demonstrates the profound changes that can occur when we offer support and a chance for a new beginning to those in need.




Midnight Media Special Presentation: Practical Effects vs CGI

Jack, Josh, and (NOT Jayson this time) take a look at practical effects in film! We take some old, some new, some good (but most not) and dissect them under the fine microscope of our semi-competent brains! We read all comments and love recommendations!





The New Commons: Who Can We Trust

Back in the studio after a brief hiatus, Johanna Laurie is working to help everyone achieve a new common. This time interviewing Joseph Mirzoefk to talk about who can we really trust in today’s political and scientific world.