Vermont Abenaki Tribes

The standing of the Vermont Abenaki Tribes recognized by the State of Vermont is being challenged by the Odonak First Nation Tribe of Quebec. The Odonaks are claiming purity of lineage as the only rightful claim to the Abenaki standing in VT. They have also sent letters to Vermont conservation and environmental funding organization requesting they withhold funding to any of the 4 Vermont tribes.

This conflict may be confusing to many and the presentation will focus on the Vermont Abenaki’s position, why this is important, and what all Abenakis should be striving for. This will be more than an information session. It is designed to expose participant to a greater appreciation of Abenaki culture.

Main Speakers

Rich Holschuh, Co-Director Atowi Project, Chair of VT Commission on Native American Affairs

Elnu Chiel Roger Logntoe Sheehan
Nulhegan Chief Don Stevens
Elnu Councillor Jim Taylor, VT Abenaki Artists Association (VAAA) Director Vera Longtoe Sheehan

Event sponsored by

Living Earth Action Group and the Atowi Project

Event hosted by

Congregational Church of Westminster West

Show support

Atowi Project
Vermont Council of Native American Affairs
Elnu Abenaki
Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe
Missisquoi Abenaki Tribe
Koasek Abenaki Tribe
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