This analysis delves into the complexities of national debt, budget authority, and spending non-existent money. It explores the economic aid packages for Ukraine and Israel, and China's aggression in the far east. The impact of increasing debt and the concept of debt responsibility are explained, with a focus on the debt responsibility of Presidents Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden. The discussion also examines the role of the Federal Reserve, interest rates, and their impact on the economy.

This program is an independent production, and the content herein, including all views and opinions, is the sole responsibility of the producer. The material presented does not reflect the views of Falls Area Community Television (FACT), nor does it represent the perspectives of FACT’s staff or board of directors. As a public access television provider, FACT values and upholds the principle of free speech, recognizing its foundational role in a democratic society. While the content of this program is not endorsed by FACT, we support the right to free expression, understanding that the protection of diverse viewpoints is essential, even in cases where there is disagreement.

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