1. Call to order
2. Introductions
3. Adjustments to Agenda
4. Communications and Public Comments
5. Reorganization of the board:
a. Election of Chairperson
b. Election of Vice-Chairperson
c. Election of Clerk
d. Appoint Voting Members to the WNESU Board
e. Appoint Truant Officer (Windham County Sheriff)
f. Appoint Warrant Signers
g. Set Time, Date and Location of Regular Monthly Meetings
h. Establish the Newspaper to be used to announce School Board functions and activities
i. Adopt Robert’s Rules of Order for Small Boards
6. Committee Assignments:
a. Building and Grounds
b. Budget/Finance
c. Teacher & Support Staff Negotiations
d. CIP Team Representative
e. Policy
7. Unfinished/Old Business for Discussion/Action:
a. Approval of Teacher Roster SY 24/25 (action needed)
8. Adjournment

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April 5, 2024In BFUHS School Board