1. Call the meeting to order
A. Introductions
2. Review/Approve Draft minutes
A. May 1, 2024 Regular meeting minutes
B. May 7, 2024 Special meeting minutes
3. Members of the Public
A. Scheduled members of the Public - 5 minutes unless otherwise noted
Lee Ann Parker - Chair of the BMH Committee re: RFP
B. Unscheduled members of the Public - 2 minutes on Agenda topics only
4. Changes to Agenda if any
5. Unfinished Business
ACTION = motion/seconded/discussion/vote or table
A. Discussion re: Brookline Flood By Laws
B. Review and amend/edit the policies below
1.Minimum Road Specifications Policy
2. Driveway Culvert Policy
3. Identify Theft Prevention Policy
4. Excess Weight Use on Roads and Bridges Policy
C. Informational: Reassessment RFP-Once the SB approves the final
minutes from the May 1 meeting, the Listers will begin the process of
seeking out a reassessment company. This RFP process is a little
different from regular requests for proposals. Helen Holt and Alyssa
Schmidt will keep the selectboard informed.
E. Review RFP for Brookline Meeting house as prepared by Jon Ballou
F. RFP for Engineering Studies at Ellen Ware Road and Hill Road/Kirsh Rd
6. New Business
A. Village Trust Initiative Discussion
7. Reports/Updates
A. Highway Supervisor - E. Mark Bills
B. Grants/Contracts - S. Noga
C. Building Commissioner- B. Mello
D. Finance Review - D. Wellman & M. DeSocio
E. Selectboard Chair-D. Maggio
F. Any other discussion as requested by a selectboard member
8. Warrants
A. Payroll Warrant
B. Accounts Payable Warrant
9. Communication
A. FEMA Vt Flood Recovery Symposium South @ Stratton Mountain
June 4, 2024 South - Stratton Mountain Resort
5 Village Lodge Rd., Stratton Mountain, VT 05155
Info and registration for Flood Recovery South
B. WRC hosting w/ State Hazard Mitigation Officer, Stephanie Smith virtual
re: grant funding w/ no match Monday May 20th 11 am to 12 noon
via Zoom
or via phone: +1 646 558 8656 with
Meeting ID: 870 3488 4611
C. Invitation sent to Hayley Kolding- So. VT Conservation Manager
Vermont River Conservancy to attend the June 19th SB meeting. She
will attend and requested 30 minutes to present Powerpoint and Q & A.
10. Set Agenda items for June 5, 2024
A. Review and amend/edit the policies below
1 .Budget Stabilization / Rainy Day Policy
2. Post Storm Right of Way Cleanup Policy
3. Fundraising Policy
4. Social Media Policy
11. Adjourn the meeting

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