Call to Order
Approve the Minutes of March 19, 2024
Additions to the Agenda for Routine Administrative Matters or Pressing Matters that will
require ratification at a future meeting
Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda (3 minutes per person)
Manager’s Report
Posted March 29 2024
2. Organizational Meeting Agenda
A) Election of Officers
1) Elect Chair
2) Elect Vice-Chair
3) Elect Clerk
3. Appoint Selectboard Member to Review & Sign Warrants
4. Set Time & Place of Regular Board Meetings
(1rst & 3rd Tuesdays at 6:00 PM) ans Sign Resolutions
5. Adopt Policies and Procedures
A) Adopt Conflict of Interest Policy for Elected Officials
B) Adopt code of Ethics Policy
C) Adopt Rules of Procedure
D) Continue All Other Policies & Procedures as Previously Adopted
6. Meeting of the Rockingham Board of Liquor Control
A) Application for First Class License
B) Application for Third Class License
C) Outside Consumption Permit
(660 Rockingham Street Leslie's Tavern)
7. Application for First Class Club License
Application for Third Class Club License)
(37 Rockingham St. Polish-American Club)
8. Application for Use of Alcohol on Municipal Property
9. Letter of Support for 2024 AOT Application for Vehicle Grant Program (SEVT)
10. Support for FY 24 Grant (CDSR) for Rockingham Meeting House
11. Support for CDSR Hotel Windham
Review and Approve Orders, Bills and Warrants
Review Agenda items for April 16, 2024 Meeting 6:00 regular start
Review Agenda items for April 30, 2024 Tri-Board Meeting
Other Business
Executive Session

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ROCKINGHAM SELECTBOARD Meeting Tuesday May 21st, 2024 at 6pm

AGENDA Call to Order Approve the Minutes May 7,…


AGENDA Call to Order Approve the Minutes Changes…